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Kendrick Auctions is a family owned and operated full service auction company serving Minnesota and the world from our warehouse in New Brighton Minnesota since 2005.

Conducting both online and live auctions, Kendrick Auctions has a vast network of appraisers, buyers, and consigners helping sellers achieve top dollar for their items, as well as buyers finding the best deals in the world on their desired products.



In our line of work, our clients have 2 thoughts when it comes to their estates and estate items:


“I’m not sure what my best options are.”

Do you have an estate that needs to be dealt with because of a death in the family, personal or business bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other unforeseen life events? Or do you just need help with a clean-out of your personal property in a garage, attic, business, or storage unit? Do you need somebody to help you explore your options?


As well as being auctioneers, Kendrick Auctions pays outright for estates. We do clean-outs of personal property in basements, garages, businesses, and attics, as well as entire estate clean-outs for POA’s, estate executors, and regular folks in foreclosures, bankruptcy, and/or dealing with other difficult life events.

Why do any of the work? Why not get paid? We will box it up and haul it away ASAP! We do all the work, foot the garbage bill, and then pay you! We even have tax deduction options.

Why allow someone to get away with your stuff for free? Why pay someone to do a clean-out when you may have some treasures that could pay for the job, even put extra money in your pocket? Why lift a single finger and stress when there is a company like Kendrick Auctions who will PAY YOU to do all of the work.

If you, “NEED IT GONE!”, or just need help making an assessment and exploring your options, make us your first call to get paid and have your problem solved: